Best Place to Watch Pro Football (2008)

Professor Thom�s

If youre like us, Sunday afternoons in the fall require a serious NFL fix that can only be satisfied by watching several different games at the same time. Problem is, the bar on the corner only has three or four TV sets (with most of them tuned to the home teams), but you dont want to contemplate the other extremethe cacophony and sensory overload of a place like tourist-saturated ESPN Zone in Times Square. Weve found the perfect spot in the middle: Professor Thoms on Second Avenue. Sure, its a Red Sox mecca, and youll have to be prepared for a packed crowd when the Patriots are playing, but Thoms is great for football fans hailing from other parts of the country, too. The place has enough TVs to show most or all of the games, but isnt so overwhelmed by televisions that it loses its neighborhood-bar feel. The foods good, by bar standards (nachos are served on giant pizza plates!), and make sure you try the delicious Thoms Ale.

Location Details

219 2nd Ave.
New York NY 10003


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