Best player Met fans love best to hate (2008)

Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez

This year with the Mets riding high and the hated Braves finally struggling, the robotic, always-trying-to-say-the-right-thing, boring as hell Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez has seemingly supplanted Atlanta's Chipper "Laaaaaaarrryyyy!" Jones as the most reviled opposing player among Met fandom. How can you not hate a guy who's a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame, has pretty-boy good looks and the body of an Adonis, is hauling in $25 mil a year, and yet still needs a life coach? Unless "life coach" is some sort of euphemism for the guy who's scoring your drugs, what in A-Rod's life needs tweaking? Met fans will tell you Rodriguez is the embodiment of the self-absorbed, pampered, overpaid superstars that that asshole Steinbrenner has stocked his team with for the past three decades. They may produce for a year or so (see Reggie Jackson), but inevitably they get booed out of town (see Kevin Brown). About the only sign Rodriguez has shown that he's close to being human in two and a half years in New York is that he was allegedly caught gambling at an allegedly illegal Chelsea poker club. But even then, he was allegedly hanging out with world-renowned cardsharp Phil Hellmuth. Never mind that Met fans had lustily salivated a few years ago when A-Rod was within throwing distance of playing at Shea. Yankee fans, you can keep him and his fragile psyche, they say now. We'll stick with our homegrown players like David Wright and Jose Reyes.


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