Best Salve for Your Soul While Watching D?Antoni?s Knicks (2008)

Walt �Clyde� Frazier

Gotta love Walt Clyde Frazier, the Knicks TV commentator. On the one hand, the mighty Hall of Famer tragically reminds us of the Knicks storied history (those championships in 70 and 73, say); on the other, Clydes presence as color commentator for the Knicks games on MSG is often the only tolerable aspect of watching them. For even when the team toils in the depths of despair, Fraziers voice has a delightful zip, as though he is immensely pleased with himself, flaunting his vivid vocabulary and penchant for nursery rhymes: Depending on the situation, the Knicks might be stumbling and bumbling, bounding and astounding, or posting and toasting. (The Internet has offered up several Walt Frazier dictionaries, just so were all clear on what he means by egregious or precocious or tumultuous.) Plus his suits are Dal-esque feats of sartorial serendipity. See? Its catchy.


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