Best sex and candy (2008)

Economy Candy and Babeland

The beauty of our city is the way you encounter entire worlds from block to block. So I want to celebrate the city's mighty diversity, and lest we forget, perversity. On a recent Lower East Side outing, it gave me the greatest pleasure to note the short walking distance from Economy Candy to Babeland. I smell sex and candy here: One minute I'm piling on the red licorice whips, and moments later, I'm just piling on whips! Oral sex and gummy bears, they go together like gummy bears and oral sex. And Economy is so retro, I can indulge my childhood pleasures, while at Babeland, I also indulge childhood pleasures, but now there are no smug adults around telling me that I'm gonna burn in hell. Just pass me a Pez.


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