Best sex worker support system (2008)

$pread Magazine

Hookers, phone sex babes, strippers, and nude models often enter the adult industry without knowing what to expect, looking for a quick buck or a chance to explore their sexuality. The learning curve, I would imagine, is quite steep, and in addition to the cultural stigma, it's hard to know whom to turn to for guidance. One-year-old $pread Magazine tackles the pleasures, passions, issues, and controversy over sex work with a twist that's rarely seen in other media: It's by and for sex workers. Instead of having to justify their existence, these writers and subjects, both male and female, can explore everything from menstruation porn to activism to the mechanics of their jobs. Cover models have included transsexual porn star Buck Angel and former-prostitute novelists Michelle Tea and Tracy Quan, turning people who would be outcasts into community celebrities. Whether you're a customer or practitioner, or you're just curious, $pread presents ideas you simply won't read about elsewhere, with a head-on, clear-sighted intelligence that doesn't beat around any bushes and, best of all, an experience-based perspective on this hot-button topic.


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