Best store for sexifying your bathtub (2008)


Lush is the candy store of the toiletry world. The smell of floral soaps and fruity lotions wafts out onto the sidewalk. Inside, the tables are piled high with brightly colored disks and bars and gels. It's a sensory overload that makes you pity the poor cheerful employees, who must not be able to smell a thing by the end of the day. Everything is handmade and natural; just walking around and sniffing samples is a decadent experience. Lush products get even more luxurious once you bring them home: try the "sex bomb," a bright pink ball of bath salts that dissolves in your tub, which is packed with jasmine and sage. Or the "French kiss"—bubble bath with lavender, rosemary, and thyme. Then there's the "honeymooner" massage bar: "Imagine a chocolate, honey, and toffee bon bon to melt and massage all over your lover's body," instructs Lush's website. Sounds sticky, but smells delicious!

Location Details

1293 Broadway
New York NY 10001


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