Best Strip Club for Living Like Rappers (2008)

Sin City

For a taste of the rap-music-video life, with naked women, money falling from the sky like rain, and bottles of champagne popping, hit up Sin City in the Bronx. On any weeknight, you may run into hip-hoppers Papoose, Kay Slay, Funkmaster Flex, Ed Lover, members of Dip Set, and others. You wont have to look hard to spot them: Youll see the entourage members scouting out the joint, which will soon be followed by the DJ announcing their presence. Or just look for the flock of strippers circling a table in hopes of hitting pay dirt. This is no Scoresthink girls with meat on their bones climbing poles with no hands to making the booty clap and DJs playing the rap records put out by the fellows in VIP.

Location Details

2520 Park Ave.
Bronx NY 10451


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