Sexiest fitness guru whose class is affordable, kickass, and not yet overcrowded (2008)

Tanya Fly

The first thing you need to know about Tanya Fly, fly as she is, is that she came by the name honestly. The second is that she is here to pump you up, shape you, stretch you out, and leave you breathless on the floor in a puddle. Twenty reps become 40, and 40 deserve another five. Fly, the mother of two young boys, brings her own brand of workout. The NU Method, as she calls it, combines elements of Pilates and yoga in a one-stop class designed for women who haven't got time to play. Her first classes were in January 2005 at the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Cooperative Preschool; she hired babysitters to watch the kids while she worked out the moms. "[Exercise is] the thing they give up first. They come have meltdowns and they don't know why—and that's why."


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