Those of us who march to work each day under the shadow of the remarkably phallic Cooper Square Hotel have been known to be haunted by the sight of the sun glinting off its tumescent curvature. But anyone who has ever been to the hotel's top-floor mega-suite/impromptu lounge and after-party spot knows that the edifice has its charms, too—should you be lucky enough to make it inside and upstairs. For instance: One lovely spring night saw a few hundred people congregating near the balcony's vertiginous see-through walls, staring out across the city in all directions. Inside, a certain well-known pop star spun T-Pain and R. Kelly, inciting a full-blown r&b mosh-pit. A bathtub was incongruously full of water and, occasionally, people, too. So although you may loathe the dudes in suits whom you can spot from a distance during the day hanging off the highest floor of the building, judge not, lest you get an opportunity to join them—from the top, the vistas are as spectacular and stunning as the building is hideous when seen from below.

Location Details

25 Cooper Square
New York NY 10003


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