Best Buskers Dressed as Animals (2009)


While fantasizing about training animals to start a band, Jon Singer decided to launch a human ragtime band that parades around as other species (like the Banana Splits)—so, a year ago, Xylopholks was born. Singer appears as xylophone player "Skunky," alongside his sidekick "Pink Gorilla" on upright bass, plus percussionist/composer "Baboon," "Chicken" on the banjo, and "Dog," who plays the piano (like Rowlf from The Muppet Show) when there's one available. Special guests who sometimes jam with the group include a panda and a banana. Singer and his friends love playing at subway stations: "We enjoy the completely New York experience of folks (casually) walking by as if pink gorillas and skunks are always playing on the platforms." Though they're leaving for India in November to study percussion and perform, Singer vows that they're returning to Gotham in the spring to play again: "Xylopholks must live forever!" he insists.


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