Best New Brooklyn Band (2009)

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Have the students become the teachers? Cymbals Eat Guitars, originally a Weezer cover band when they formed in their native Staten Island, have dramatically shifted their stride since relocating to Brooklyn. Their sonic soup still contains a bit of their idols' nebbish self-effacement, but it melds deftly into psych-pop and post-punk, abetted live by singer/guitarist Joseph D'Agostino's twitching, jarring solos and bloodletting dives into his alarmed bandmates' paths. But CEG ain't just all show; their woozy riffs rival the Flaming Lips, the priapic yawps a direct rebuttal to Modest Mouse. Their debut Why There Are Mountains was the scene breakout of 2009; soon, Rivers Cuomo and Co. will be covering them.


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