Best Political Comic (2009)

Randy Credico

Timing is everything in stand-up comedy, and it helps in politics as well. This spring—as a cabal of shady state senators were preparing to hijack the entire legislature with shakedown demands—comedian/political agitator Randy Credico showed up in the Albany State Capitol building wearing a white robe, a fake, wispy white beard, and a rubber face mask depicting a bald guy with a big schnozz. Politicians and lobbyists gawked. "I am Diogenes," barked Credico as he stalked the halls. "I search for an honest man!" The Athenian philosopher who walked the streets with a lantern searching for integrity reportedly had a hard time of it—and so did Credico. He opened the door to a Senate meeting, asked his question, and was promptly booted from the room. But he is used to such disses. His comedy shtick includes dead-on imitations of everyone from Al D'Amato to Al Sharpton. In between stand-up routines around town (including a regular stint at the Lenny Bruce Comedy Lounge and the aptly named Yippie Museum Café on Bleecker Street), the 54-year-old comic enjoys driving politicians to distraction. His high point came when he organized "New York Mothers of the Disappeared"—mothers of kids serving 20 years or more for nonviolent drug convictions—to go to Albany to push for reforms of the draconian Rockefeller drug laws. His current target is U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer. Who does he think he is? Al Franken?


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