Best Rapper Twitter Feed (2009)


Rappers get Twitter better than almost anybody else in the arts. Diddy made a cameo in an early internal Twitter marketing memo that was later inadvertently leaked to the press, and now even the tersest and most technophobic artists make sure to be on the social networking service—though many, surely, delegate updates to the guy who carries their weed. But for frequency, theater, and sheer comedy, no one beats the Flatbush-born rapper Fabolous, whose punchline-rap style has proved an eerily good fit for the medium. In the past six months, Fab has spent frantic days asking his 200,000-plus followers where he might find weed in Miami; passionately feuding with the singer T-Pain over a Tweet that turned out to be fake; and, more ignominiously, making #uknowhowiknowuregay a No. 1 trending topic on the site for the better part of one particularly slow news day. His feed, @myfabolouslife, was easily better than the record Fabolous released in 2009, Loso's Way, and, somewhere deep down, he probably knew it, passing up the pro forma "Best Rapper Alive" bragging to claim a different, more modest crown: "The Best Who Ever Twitted." @myfabolouslife


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