Best Reason to Get to the Theater Early (2009)

1 Dominick

New York theaters have many advantages over our London counterparts. Programs are free, seats a tad roomier, and you're more unlikely to be glared at should you express enthusiasm for the play and its stars. Nevertheless, there's one aspect of auditoria at which the Brits excel—the theater bar. At many London venues, a comfortable pub or chic café adjoins the performance space. Spectators can grab a quick bite before the show or linger over a drink after, often in the company of the play's cast and crew. Meanwhile, Gotham's vision of hospitality involves a small kiosk profferring stale coffee and a few packs of Twizzlers. But last season, a few theaters decided that while music may be the food of love, food and drinks are pretty loveable, too. Here Arts Center added the café-bar 1 Dominick, a charming space in which to sit and enjoy a pre-show Limonata. Now if only we can convince local playhouses to start selling ice cream at intermission, we'll have those Brits beat.

Location Details

1 Dominick St.
New York NY 10013


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