Best $10 Recession-Friendly Bar Zone-Out (2009)


This is very simple. First, somehow acquire a $10 bill. (Maybe sell some furniture? Some plasma? Some dignity?) Then go to Barcade. Buy a pint of one of their 20-plus fine beers on tap. (Scout their constantly rotating selection at Tip generously. And then slip whatever bills you've got left into a change machine, extract as many quarters as that gets you, and dump them all into the Arkanoid machine. It's near the back, on your left. Arkanoid is driven by the oldest video-game conceit around: You have a little bar. You hit a ball. It busts up a few blocks. It comes back to you, and you hit it again. Repeat. Except now there's lasers and shit. You can split the ball into three balls. Some of the blocks are indestructible. There are enemies. And the blocks bloom into increasingly elegant geometric designs to entice and frustrate you. Shit is mad addictive. Stick with it. Sip your beer. Everything is gonna be all right. Things are gonna get better. They already have.

Location Details

388 Union Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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