Best Brooklyn Whiskey Bar (2009)

Char No. 4

Ready to take that all-too-crucial step into adulthood? No, we're not talking about marriage or real estate—we're talking about whiskey. The day you move from Jack and Coke into the land of Oban, Glenrothes, and Classic Cask, pat yourself on the back and consider yourself a man (that goes for you, too, ladies). Char No. 4, a recent upscale addition to the Smith Street bar scene in Carroll Gardens, is an excellent place to begin your education with about 300 bourbons and whiskeys to sample (conveniently, all are available by one-ounce pours and range in price from $2 to $100). If you're feeling overwhelmed by the 13-page drink menu, the knowledgeable bartenders will patiently walk you through it. Not ready to have yours straight up? Try one of their first-rate cocktails ($9): The light and sweet Kentucky Royale (Henry McKenna, sparkling wine, cassis, orange) and the refreshing Louisville Sunset (Old Taylor, pineapple, cranberry, lime, bitters) are sure to have you singing "My old Kentucky home, good night" on your way out the door.

Location Details

196 Smith St.
Brooklyn NY 11201


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