Dingy, dimly lit, and not too crowded, Winnie's in Chinatown is the antithesis of the slick, sanitized karaoke bars you're likely to encounter uptown. As you enter, you'll notice it's a bit segregated: On the left, old Chinese dudes play dice games at the bar; on the right, spacious red booths are packed with skinny-jeans-wearing hipsters and local office workers cheering on their friends at the mic. It's $1 per song with a two-drink minimum—but who would do karaoke without a couple of drinks anyway? We recommend the house specialty Hawaiian punch to loosen your lips. Winnie's still uses old-school laser discs, so you won't find the latest hits, but with more than a thousand songs offered—from Morrissey's "Suedehead" to Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues"—you're bound to see something you like. There's also a wide range of Chinese pop songs for the hardcore locals—even Winnie herself is known to show up and sing a song or two. The running joke at Winnie's is: Don't have too much fun, or else you'll end up at the Tombs jail across the street. Consider yourself warned.

Location Details

104 Bayard St.
New York NY 10013


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