Best Place to Get Loaded With Hooligans and Cops (2009)


If you walk by Farrell's pregnant, all the firemen and policemen drinking inside will whistle. Loudly. If you are a yuppie or a hipster, work from home, are on your way to see MGMT at Prospect Park, or don't have a badge, hose, or paper bag at your disposal, you might not like Farrell's (est. 1933). If you don't appreciate winos (the same winos, everyday) pissing on the stoop of your drinking establishment, you probably won't like Farrell's. If you call it "Farrell's Bar & Grill" (its full name), you definitely don't understand Farrell's. But if the prospect of drinking with cops who can't wait to teach you how to sneak alcohol onto the subway sounds like your idea of a good time, you are: 1) correct, and 2) an ideal Farrell's customer. And that, my friend, is a compliment.

Location Details

215 Prospect Park W.
Brooklyn NY 11215


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