No offense to Long Island City, but we rarely head out there unless we're having a picnic at Gantry Plaza, going to a P.S.1 gathering, or taking over our friend's rooftop at one of the condo buildings that line the East River. However, if you look closely, on Jackson Avenue, there's a joint marked only with a sign that reads, "BAR." Dutch Kills is where you're at, and you probably wouldn't know that if someone didn't tell you. From the administration that brought us Milk & Honey and Little Branch comes this new venture by Richard Boccato and Sasha Petraske, where drinks go for considerably less than their other hot spots. Dutch Kills' 1890's saloon ambience comes with sawdust on the ground, a live jazz and ragtime band on selected nights, a small pub menu, and a local organic kitchen with attendants sporting tailored attire (trousers, vests, button-down shirts, and suspenders!). It's an ideal getaway bar for those yearning for a good drink away from the spectacle of Manhattan rugrats, in a place all your own—at least for now, anyway.

Location Details

27-24 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City NY 11101


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