Most Literate-Looking Hangout (2009)

Hudson Bar & Books

No one touches or even goes near them, but still, just the sight of the rows of books in the back of Hudson Bar & Books makes for a more elevated experience than you'll find at the usual beer hall. This is far from some low-rent drinking dive where the fanciest thing on display is some businessman's after-hours whore. It's a softly lit, living room–type swankfest, where well-dressed people order whiskies, brandies, and premium cigars culled from swanky places all over the world. It's so not us, but an occasional drop-in makes for a sci-fi adventure of real fascination. And if you find yourself cottoning to the sight of the dusty tomes, check out their two other branches—Beekman Bar & Books and Lexington Bar & Books—which operate on the same literate-den-with-amenities principle. By the way, what are those books on the shelves? Damned if we know. We've never looked at them, either.

Location Details

636 Hudson St.
New York NY 10014


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