Most Unflappable Doorman (2009)

Derek Neen

Manning the door at Beige—the long-running Tuesday-night gay lounge at B Bar—Canadian-born Derek Neen emits charm and humor, never caving in to the pressures of the gig, yet knowing just when to put his designer-clad foot down. A club presence since the '80s, Neen is quick with his mouth, which he uses as a sort of aural red velvet rope (though there's a real one there, too). One night, he was seen telling a smashed patron trying to re-enter: "I speak seven languages. Which one are you speaking?" Other times, he has been spotted explaining to groups of stray straight people, "You understand that this is a gay bar, right? Just making sure." And best of all was his monologue to a complete looney toon, sternly informing the freak, "Even the bathroom attendant and kitchen help say you're a mess—and they never complain about anybody. You need to take a break from this place!" But you don't—just be nice to Derek. He views what he does as a craft, and so should you if you crave admission with a benediction and a smile.

Location Details

40 E. 4th St.
New York NY 10003


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