Most Welcome (and Welcoming) Party Presence (2009)

Malik So Chic

Having bolted straight out of Canada, Ladyfag is a biologically female promoter (Greenhouse, Garden of Ono) who whips up extravagant looks to match her lack of shyness and comes off very Frida Kahlo–meets–Big Bird. She ties in this category with another promoter, Ohio-born Malik So Chic, an actual man who sports round, bejeweled glasses, creped capes, and long black gloves with heart-shaped rings on top—and he sings, too. (Picture Madea meets Mahogany.) Walk into a club and don't know anyone? Look for one of these two, and you're guaranteed to get an earful and an eyeful and maybe even a drink ticket. But they'll probably alight on you first. By the way, they happen to be part of a long tradition of nightclubbing celebutantes, self-made stars who whip up fairy-tale names to match their after-midnight personas, seeking fame and fun while fanning everyone else's. Andy Warhol had his appointed Superstars in the '60s and '70s—and in the '80s, "it-people" like Dianne Brill and James St. James ruled the night scene with their tight clothes, angular hair, and bright conversation. The trend died down in the new century, when monied socialites like Paris Hilton started grabbing the headlines, but with the economy down, it's time again to celebrate street-level wackos elevating themselves to chandelier level by their own pitards.


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