SarahDG: Scratchbread, which borrows the wood-burning oven at Toby's Public House, is an admirable newcomer this year, but without a main retail outlet, the breads are too hard to come by. RobtS: Never heard of it. SarahDG: Doesn't matter, I'm going with Baked NYC—a little hipster, it's true, but that doesn't stop them from mixing up some of the best confections anywhere. Their vanilla cupcake—moist, floral, and just sweet enough—would make a believer out of the crustiest cupcake hater, a crown I wear proudly. RobtS: I can't believe you found a cupcake you like. SarahDG: Plus, they were on top of the salty dessert trend before it went mainstream. Their sweet-and-salty cake—dark-chocolate cake with caramel-chocolate ganache, topped with fleur de sel—is so good I want to stick my face in it. RobtS: Well, wipe the frosting off your face, and check out Grandaisy Bakery. When they split off from Sullivan Street Bakery, they retained the old recipes. SarahDG: Like pizza bianca? RobtS: Yes, they still make that, but have added all sorts of other stuff. I swoon over the rich, rum-laced bread pudding. But my favorite thing there is still the potato pizza. SarahDG: Double carbs? I thought you were an Atkinsy guy. RobtS: Haha. Hardly. SarahDG: So is it still in the same place on Sullivan Street? RobtS: Yup. Down near the tail end where it diverges from Sixth Avenue. SarahDG: I'm sticking with the new place in Hell's Kitchen, the one that's still called Sullivan Street Bakery. RobtS: Hey, I made it through this thread without making any stoner jokes. SarahDG: What, are you baked?

Location Details

359 Van Brunt St.
Brooklyn NY 11231


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