In this economy, the best grass-fed steak is the one you make yourself. Get your cast-iron skillet scarily hot, sear that sucker, and top it with a pat of butter. Although corn-fed beef has the fatty savor that Americans are accustomed to, grass-fed (and finished) beef is better for the animals and the environment. Plus, it's lower in saturated fat, and has a lean, mineral flavor, just like the gorgeous cow flesh that sizzles over fires in Argentina, which famously produces the best grass-fed beef in the world. To grab your grass-fed steaks in a non-yuppified environment, head to Windsor Terrace's United Meat Market, an old-school Italian joint where actual butchers do actual butchering and don't make a fuss about it. You can get a length of homemade hot Italian sausage to take home, too.

Location Details

219 Prospect Park W.
Brooklyn NY 11215


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