Indo-Chinese food is the creation of Chinese restaurateurs in India cooking to local tastes—heavy on the chilies, ginger, soy, sugar, and sometimes MSG (not knocking it!), plus lots of frying. It's wildly popular in India, the second-most-eaten restaurant food after Indian cuisine. One of the jewels in the sweet and spicy Indo-Chinese crown is cauliflower Manchurian, in which the cauliflower is deep-fried and served in a sauce that often includes ketchup. The ultimate rendition of this dish can be found at Masala 2 Wok, a newcomer dedicated solely to Indo-Chinese cooking. The restaurant offers everything from chicken lollipops (here dubbed "drums of heaven") to chili paneer to "Szechwan" shrimp. For the gobi Manchurian, the cauliflower is thinly battered and fried until it's golden and crisp, and dampened with the spicy, sweet sauce, plus bits of fried scallions. It also comes with green-chile vinegar on the side, which sends it into the stratosphere.

Location Details

25601 Hillside Ave.
Glen Oaks NY 11004


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