Best Naples-Style Pizza (2009)


Naples-style pizza is the fad that won't go away. And who can blame us? While New York pizzas were traditionally humongous contraptions scaled to feed several people at once per pie at the lowest possible cost, the Naples version generally feeds a single person, and sometimes none too well. Moreover, the "true pie of Naples" is almost unbelievably bland. At worst, it's a restaurateur's conspiracy to sell you less pizza for more money. Still, we find many of these pies delicious, including the ones at Motorino and La Pizza Fresca. But this year, the palm goes to Roberta's, a weird little city unto itself—where the greens and herbs are grown in the back parking lot and on the roof—with a wood-burning oven as its focus.

Location Details

261 Moore St.
Brooklyn NY 11206


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