Humble ramen has attained total celebratory status in the past year, and, truth be told, there's no noodle we'd prefer to suck noisily up. Gone are the cut-rate packets of dried noodles you once scarfed from the bodega at college, and now, restaurants command a premium for this pasta, which had its origins in the lo meins of southern China. Chang has done wonders with it, and we adore the bizarrely expensive Ippudo, but the noodles we dream about are found at Rockmeisha, a hipster izakaya on a quiet side street, with only a modest collection of beers and sakes. The ramen flounders in a pig-foot broth, called tonkotsu, and there isn't much more in the bowl besides noodles, broth, and meat.

Location Details

11 Barrow St.
New York NY 10014


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