SarahDG: I'm sure you'll pick an obscure, cool Turkish joint in Bay Ridge or something, but at the risk of being square, I'm going with Marea. RobtS: I should have known you'd pick some expensive spot! SarahDG: Yes, you may have to pay with your first-born child, but it offers the most mind-boggling seafood. Anyway, I'm sure you have a sugar-mama tucked away somewhere. RobtS: Yeah, but how much of the seafood is sustainable? SarahDG: You have to pick carefully. Some menu items, like striped marlin, are dangerously overfished. Instead, slurp up cuttlefish crudo, or one composed of slippery spot prawns. But the very best dishes are the seafood pastas, and, luckily, they're also the least expensive. RobtS: So which one should I pick, assuming someone else is picking up the tab? SarahDG: Choose the fusilli in tomato sauce, with gushy nuggets of bone marrow and braised tendrils of octopus. RobtS: Hmmm. I'd rather go to Liman in Bay Ridge. SarahDG: I thought so! RobtS: Hey, you live in Brooklyn already! The place is Turkish, which means all sorts of yummy vegetarian meze for apps. SarahDG: What's the sustainability story? RobtS: Well, some of the seafood is locally fished and comes from boats on Sheepshead Bay. Most of the main courses are whole fish sustainably farm-raised in the Mediterranean. Branzino and stuff like that. SarahDG: Not too locavoric, is it? RobtS: Well, we can't have everything, can we?

Location Details

240 Central Park S.
New York NY 10019


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