SarahDG: Sunset Park is one of the best street-food neighborhoods. RobtS: Can't disagree with that, but so what? SarahDG: I dunno, I just get excited about it—I like that Chinatown is vibrant, but relatively chill. You can get charcoal-grilled Northern Chinese skewers along Eighth Avenue, and then walk down to the taco and chimichurri trucks along Fourth and Fifth avenues. RobtS: You could do better in Flushing, Chinese-wise, and just as well in Corona for the Latin stuff. SarahDG: That might be true, but in SP, you get the two-in-one! But listen: Around Sunset Park's border with Bay Ridge, a chubby woman and her male assistant run a cart called Tacos Deliciosos. RobtS: Cool. SarahDG: There are four tacos: cecina, enchilada (spiced pork), marinated chicken, and carne asada. The homemade salsas come in ancho, chile de arbol, or jalapeño, and they elevate the tacos to greatness. But the most delicious things are the gorditas. Thick masa patties fried, split open, and filled with chicharrones, crema, cheese, and hot sauce. RobtS: I've got to say, while I visit the dosa guy on Washington Square at least once a week, I've fallen in love with the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. SarahDG: Mmmmmm, soft-serve . . . RobtS: It's what he pours over the soft-serve that makes it rock: olive oil, balsamic, sea salt. SarahDG: Like casting pearls before swine? RobtS: Hey, what do you have against pigs?

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