Best Babel Fish to the Celebrities (2009)

Courtney Love Translated

Courtney Love's Twitter account was a social-media traffic accident. Practically every day, Kurt Cobain's frog-faced widow would fire off a seemingly endless salvo of 140-misspelled-character outbursts, often in frantic early a.m. spells, that were almost always complete nonsense. An example: "i think pretending to like unendurable music is like making your cat dance on its hind legs, you hate it, but laugh, the cat just hates it." Love's posts were so consistently daft (and terribly enthralling) that an ingenious New York–based 25-year-old female prankster opened a Courtney Love Translated Twitter account to decode Her Holeness's batshit insane musings. An original @courtneylover79 tweet: "the caveat of living in a staged for sale um supermodel( who is very nice btw)s place iscant remove the naked pics EVERYWHERE!" The @CLTranslated interpretation: "currently i am renting an apt from a supermodel who's covered every surface w naked photos of herself. i'm replacing them w naked pix of ME [sic]." The back-and-forth went on and on, until Love's daughter, Frances Bean, who had updated her own feed at the cheeky extension @gofackadawg, Twittered a screed at Lindsay Lohan's little sister, Ali. A few days later, both Courtney and Frances promptly closed their accounts. Courtney Love Translated has since been momentarily baffled with how to proceed, but let's not forget that there's always @britneyspears.


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