Best Cheap Advice on Everything From Credit Cards to Chicken Soup (2009)

Good Advice Press

Good Advice Press is a modern Farmers' Almanac—one-stop shopping for everything you need to know and everything that ails you. Years before no-down-payment and balloon mortgages became the bankers' favorite toy to hook unsuspecting buyers with, writers Marc Eisenson and Nancy Castleman were warning readers about how not to get taken for a ride in mortgage negotiations. And if you weren't shopping for a mortgage, they could also tell you how to get out of debt, pay for college, eat healthy—and stop getting junk mail. The authors are a pair of city expatriates who moved to an upstate farm 20 years ago where they raise their own food. But instead of subjecting us to self-righteous Whole Earthy lectures, they have used their little publishing house as a base camp from which to write and publish books and magazines filled with simple and useful info—like a good chicken soup recipe, or debt consolidation plan.


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