Best Neighborhood Blog (2009)

Greenpoint is more than just the runoff collector for Billyburg hipsters, and Miss Heather of wants to make sure you know it. In addition to gleefully chronicling the real estate disasters of the recent bust (like Magic Johnson's pathetic condo, the Viridian) and amusing gentrification battles such as the New People versus Mister Softee trucks ("You bought a condo overlooking McCarren Park. . . . There will be ice cream trucks"), she covers community board meetings, interviews local vagrants, takes pictures of weird shit in the streets, and generally shows Brooklyn's northernmost nabe as it is—not as the realtors want you to see it. Miss Heather tells us she's worried by "how rapidly our community is being pushed from one extreme to the other," and by some of the noobs' "sense of entitlement and lack of civic responsibility. READ: a distinct lack of empathy for others—only me, me, me." answers this not with polemics, but with ground-level observation of the pedestrian markings on the Pulaski Bridge, the movement of slurry trucks, the arrival of crusties ("Congratulations, Greenpoint, you have arrived!"), and other vivid signs of life, intelligent and otherwise.


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