Best Neighborhood for Celeb Watching (2009)

West Village

Times Square only approaches a fun level at around 7 p.m. because that's when you see all the Broadway stars, not quite made up yet, racing to their theaters to sing and dance for their touristy fan base. It's a sight potentially filled with too much information, but it's stellar nonetheless and definitely something to tweet about. But way downtown, the West Village is the prime star-spotting area in the city, especially if you're looking for icons with a quirkier, more New York-y slant and some interesting outfits. Sit near the window at French Roast (78 West 11th Street, 212-533-2233,, don't look down at your food, and you might very well catch Parker Posey prancing by on her cell, Patricia Clarkson walking her teeny dog, Kristen Johnston gabbing with a friend, or Julianne Moore parading around with her interesting family. Feel free to Twitter up a storm with each new spotting, but don't bang on the window and demand the divas' attention. Have some respect for the accessible yet unattainable!

Location Details

W. 14th St.
New York NY 10014


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