Best New Snarky Media-Gossip Site (2009)

the Awl

Helmed by Gawker survivors Choire Sicha and Alex Balk, the Awl has the tart, sardonic, gleefully hostile tone you'd naturally expect from such stock, whether the topic at hand is Tea Partiers, Kanye West, or amusing bear videos. But it's also just a touch more surreal, whether it's Ryan Adams's inexplicable new video-game column (yes), Natasha Vargas-Cooper's dizzyingly dense deconstructions of Mad Men episodes, or Amy Jean Porter's self-explanatory Drawings in a Hurry. But best of all, by far, is the Public Apology column, wherein Dave Bry relieves a lifetime of regret, incrementally: Dispatches include "Dear Bob Mould, I'm sorry for ruining your solo acoustic concert," "Dear 70-year-old man in a leg brace, I'm sorry for not being able to change a tire on my own car," and "Dear Step-Nephew, I'm sorry for telling you to suck my dick at Thanksgiving three years ago." Required reading, if only to make you feel that much better about yourself.


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