Best Old-School Reporters Turned Bloggers (2009)

Gabe Pressman and Leonard Levitt

You can't get more old-school tabloid than reporters Gabe Pressman and Leonard Levitt, but these days, they're both found mainly in cyberspace, where they're still pounding away at wrongdoers and the abuses of the permanent government with some of the toughest prose around. Pressman started out in the '50s at the old World Telegram and the Sun before becoming the city's leading television newsman at WNBC (he's in the Woodstock movie!). Levitt was Newsday's ace cop reporter and drove several police commissioners around the bend with his insider exposés (he's got a great new tell-all, NYPD Confidential, St. Martin's Press). Levitt's online column ( is still one-stop shopping for those who want to know what's going on in New York criminal justice. Pressman's often daily drubbings of city officials who don't measure up are found at The Internet is supposed to be the graveyard of newspapers, and it may well be, but that doesn't mean you'll find the tombstones of great reporters there.


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