Best Reason to Put a Ring On It (2009)

Grand Opening

Last summer, New York had a few less single ladies—and single gentlemen—when Grand Opening, a conceptual boutique, became a pop-up wedding chapel. The store, which had previously functioned as a barn, ping-pong parlor, and drive-in theater, transformed into a Vegas-style church. In this recession, pricey weddings are out, and nuptials don't get much cheaper or smaller than those held in the Lower East Side 350-square-foot store for $100. In addition to the benediction of a Universal Life Minister, a Grand Opening wedding included a staff photographer, a choice of backdrops, karaoke hymns, and a disco ball. The chapel also included a choice of rite—a legally binding nuptial, a commitment ceremony, a vow renewal, or the popular mock wedding (all the confetti and folderol, but no need for an annulment). Those without a significant other need not let that deficiency bar them from marital bliss as the project offers bride and groom rentals. Take that, City Hall!

Location Details

139 Norfolk St.
New York NY 10002


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