Most Addicting Site for Glamorous Narcissists (2009)

Anyone who accessorizes all day and goes to parties all night spends any possible down time clicking on, photographer Patrick McMullan's site, where any event worth leaving the house for is documented with crystal clarity. In chronological order, starting with the most recent parties, the site has thousands of captioned photos of debutantes, celebutantes, wannabes, crashers, and plus ones, all risking whiplash by straining their necks to get captured by the camera's lens. Search for your name, and hopefully there you'll be in all your ravishing outfits and exciting poses. (Lifting your chin and looking straight at the camera with a half-smile that doesn't emphasize puffiness is generally the best idea. Trust us.) Buying the shots costs extra, but just looking at your face with Patrick's logo on it is an ideal, free pastime. And, apparently, there are other people on the site, too!


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