UrbanDictionary.com defines a bodega as a "Latin mini-mart," and who are we to argue? The key word, of course, is "Latin." And for lovers of Mexican goods in particular, the sun shines upon Mexico 2000, a quaint shop under the J/M/Z line in East Williamsburg. Here, the imported treats range from Jumex juices, Abuelita hot chocolate, pulp of tamarind, Bimbo pastries, and, our favorite, Duvalin cream candy. You can also pick up Caprice shampoo, Lala dairy products, fresh veggies, and, best of all, homemade Mexican food in the back of the store. There's no rush for takeout, especially not when you can sit down and eat your soupy pinto beans and sopes while watching telenovelas or the soccer game from the huge, mounted television with a saint statue planted adjacent to it. Now this is the sort of comfort that you can't get at Gristedes or Duane Reade.

Location Details

367A Broadway
Brooklyn NY 11211


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