If, like many New Yorkers, you find that you've moved into an apartment that was less than cared for by its previous occupant, you know how handy the neighborhood hardware supplier is. And if you happen to be in Clinton Hill, you're in luck: Sisters Community Hardware is a one-stop, 2,700-square-foot shop for everything you need. In addition to having more than the usual supply of janitorial supplies, paints, wall patches, tools, and mulch, Sisters is something of a museum. Owner Atchudta Barkr has lined the walls with portraits of trailblazing black women: Toni Morrison, Mae Jemison, Alice Walker, Ali Mitchell. Open seven days a week, you'll always find plenty of smarty-pants employees who will take the time to explain how to fix a bed or install a window guard. The store also has a tiny "go green" section (who doesn't have one, these days?), where you can buy eco–paint thinners, plant foods, and garbage bags. For folks who live in downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, or Bed Stuy, it's a quick ride down Fulton Street.

Location Details

860 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11238


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