Best Store Where a Weight-Watcher Can Pig Out (2009)

Lifethyme Natural Market

Anyone who has attempted a diet for more than five minutes knows how the cookie cravings begin just moments after the calorie-counting does. The standard advice to beat the snack attack usually involves munching on something green, taking a walk, or doing everything in your power not to pass a cupcake shop (like that's possible in New York). One store that dieters don't have to avoid is Village health-food stalwart Lifethyme Natural Market. In addition to aisles of alterna-fare like hemp-milk and veganaise and a hot-food bar serving up aromatic textured protein a million ways, their on-premises vegan bakery offers myriad healthy desserts that look like the real thing! (And they taste pretty darn good, too.) Yes, the tofu cheesecake, spelt-flour brownies, and gluten-free cookies are all PETA-friendly, but more important, they serve as perfectly acceptable pseudo–junk food for dieters who desperately need a fix.

Location Details

410 6th Ave.
New York NY 10011


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