Whether you are a die-hard fanatic (like us) or just want to thank someone for being a friend, you'll be pleased to know that there's a whole plethora of 'Golden Girls'–themed gifts making their way into flea markets, craft fairs, and artsy Web shop Etsy. Recently, a light combing of such places revealed tote bags, stuffed dolls, "Stay Golden" T-shirts, Scrabble tiles, and all manner of jewelry. Some of the more fun finds come from Jersey City's jewelry maker Trashed Clothing. In one piece, the disembodied heads of the four Miami elders are set in acrylic and strung on a chain—which, of course, brings to mind the episode where the ladies have their heads frozen. They also sell a brooch of the girls in a classic pose, which goes like hotcakes whenever it appears at JC fairs and vintage shops. On the finer end of things, New York–based metalsmith Karen Yost sells her GG wares at East Village jewelry shop the Shape of Lies. For her collection called "The Girls," she engraved sterling-silver pendants with the faces of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia; on the back, it says, "In Golden We Trust"—at $90 a pop, you can wear them solo like the independent women they are. Or reunite a divorcée with her former hubby: Yost makes a set of Dorothy and Stan Zbornak cuff links for $210. The shop also sells Yost's own painting of the fabulous foursome; prints are available unframed for $40.

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127 E.7th St.
New York NY 10009


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