American football is for sissies. Sure, our meaty linebackers could probably take down the average tank or comfortably afford to buy one, but it's soccer—which the rest of the world calls football—that is the real tough guy's game. Its players are more athletic, and its owners more brutal—they've occasionally shot team members for poor performance—and its fans are way, way, way more hardcore. If you long to fashion yourself as just this sort of football hooligan, you might acquire your trappings at Leonard's Sports Shop in Sunset Park. Leonard's estimates that it sells accoutrements representing more than 100 teams. This stock includes not only expected items such as jerseys, soccer balls, shin guards, goalie gloves, and stadium blankets, but also windshield shades, shower curtains, license plate rims, wallets, and hub caps. Best of all, right next to the poster honoring Argentinean legend Diego Maradona lurks a shelf crammed with lucha libre masks in the colors of South and Central America's most popular clubs.

Location Details

6011 5th Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11220


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