"Fabulous," says the cashier as he takes your selection. "Wonderful," he breathes as he accepts your credit card. "Lovely," he crows as he hands back a receipt. And yet somehow, it doesn't annoy the hell out of us. Chelsea Wine Vault really is the happiest place on earth, a cheerful and airy oasis amid the industrial-chic Chelsea Markets. Sommelier/manager David Hunter revolves a thorough and fairly priced worldwide selection, from Washington to New Zealand, and the staffers are inexhaustibly knowledgeable. Drop by on weekends to partake in the generous free tastings, or bring a notebook full of the inane wine questions you've always wanted answers to (we've seen this happen on three separate occasions). Personally, we recommend the Vouvray, and lots of it.

Location Details

75 9th Ave.
New York NY 10011


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