They host classes on spanking, master/slave relationships, and mummification, but one of Lesbian Sex Mafia's most intriguing workshops to date was on temporary piercing. Workshop leader Xray Aims was drawn to the craft by "the fight between beauty and pain," a concept that seems to guide much of LSM's programming: Lolita Wolf's "Wax to the Max" gave women the tools to explore the physical titillation of melted candles; Glenda Rider's "The Joys of Duct Tape" educated participants on that awesome feeling that comes right after you pull a band-aid off a hairy patch; Sebastien and Angel's "Take-Downs, Resistance Play, and Kidnapping," like many other LSM workshops, gave couples a safe space to basically beat each other up and then get it on—all in good fun, of course. Between 25 and 50 women and female-identified people have been turning out monthly for the BDSM support group's events since 1981. So next time you have the urge to turn your girlfriend into a human voodoo doll, do it under the guidance of some of the most experienced flesh-altering dykes in the city.

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