Best Army of Geeks (2010)

Vampire Cowboys

Remember that kid you were always teasing in high school? That nerd, that spazz, that total and utter dork? Well, he's back. And fully weaponized. A drama group for that persecuted, comics-reading dweeb in us all, Vampire Cowboys has been cutting a swath through downtown for a couple of years now. What their plays lack in character development and philosophical nuance, they more than make up for in broadswords and throwing stars. Ten years ago, Ohio University students Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker dreamed of a theater that would reflect their goober sensibilities. A decade later, it's a fake-blood-soaked reality. Their repertoire includes riffs on the classics, such as Living Dead in Denmark and Alice in Slasherland, as well as more unapologetically plotless pieces, such as Fight Girl Battle World. They also develop new violent works in their Saturday Night Saloon. With an Obie Award, laudatory reviews, and a rabid fan base, these nerds are getting all the revenge they need.


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