Best BBQ-Ready Rock Album (2010)

Fang Island

That Fang Island, the new self-titled full-length from Brooklyn's finest party-rock band, begins with literal fireworks is almost too easy. But it fits: These guys are absurdly joyous, serving up widescreen triple-guitar jams augmented with giddy keyboards, maniacal drumming, and all manner of whoa-based en masse vocal harmonies, an unholy union of math rock and classic rock that gets your fists pumping even if you have no idea what's going on or what's going to happen next. (A six-minute song called "Davey Crockett" happens, for one thing.) Whenever the video game–industrial complex gets around to releasing Rock Band: Brooklyn, shred-tastic tracks like "The Illinois" and "Daisy" will run away with it; for now, throw it on at your next BBQ or keg party or family gathering. Just maybe put away all the breakable stuff first. (Oh, and go see Fang Island live, too—they do a great Mariah Carey cover. Seriously.)


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