Best New York Fashion Blogger (2010)

Elizabeth Spiridakis

In the mornings, she Tweets her outfits—"garage sale rust orange 1950s men's cardigan, fluoro pink sports bra, dark RLRugby denim bell skirt, easte sale navy 1960s sandals," say—and by the afternoon, Elizabeth Spiridakis is typically on her blog, White Lightning, either in the grips of a new obsession (clogs have been big lately) or an unforgivable fashion affront (on Lady Gaga's gray-haired Vanity Fair cover: "Gandalf's been rocking this look forevs. Old hat!"). One of Time Out's "Most Stylish New Yorkers," Spiridakis has sidelines in everything from styling artists (she is partially responsible for the nerd-chic look of local electro artist MNDR) to album-cover design (see the last few striking Walkmen records). Mostly, though, she's a great presence—immutable in her personality, whether writing in The New York Times or ranting on Twitter, and enthusiastic about fashion in a way that requires no specialized vocabulary or knowledge. We should all be this casual and smart about clothes.


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