Best Pageant (2010)

Mr. Transman

Downtown denizen Murray Hill has been giving lesbians what they want for a long time now—beyond just hitting on them during his joyfully schlocky stage shows. Hill's annual Miss Lez Pageant has been a highlight on the girl-on-girl calendar for 10 years, but in 2010 he outdid himself by creating the first-ever pageant for a select group of former lesbians—Mr. Transman. Talk about zeroing in on a market. OK, not all of the female-to-male contestants, who faced off in "realness," evening-wear, and swimsuit categories, were former lesbians, but regardless, current lesbians were definitely into them. Hawaiian slam poet Kit Yan landed in the top spot and reigns still as the first Mr. Transman. We can't wait to see who takes the harness—er, crown—from him next year. Check the website for updates about next year's pageant.


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