Best Resilient Summer Dance Party (2010)

Sunday Best

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 was an unequivocal triumph for Sunday Best, the now-four-year-old weekly Sunday-afternoon dance fete then entrenched in BKLYN Yard, a splendid outdoor spot (a taco stand! Kids playing bocce ball in the sandbox! A disco ball looming in the trees!) improbably lodged on the shores of the, uh, Gowanus Canal. German techno giant Michael Mayer was on the decks; a capacity (but friendly, and not at all intimidatingly dressed) crowd was, in large part, actually dancing; and the weather was perfect. This summer is going to be awesome, we all thought simultaneously. And then, not a week later, disaster: BKLYN Yard was closed immediately over nebulous landlord issues, leaving Sunday Best, and multiple other dance parties, homeless and possibly nonexistent. But the SB brain trust soldiered on, eventually relocating to the Brooklyn Fire Proof courtyard and bringing through an eclectic lineup of stars, from ebullient L.A. sleaze-revivalist DâM-FunK to New Jersey–based purveyor of U.K.-centric beats Todd Edwards, with the same expert but invaluably laid-back air. May this excellent party continue—and suffer far less calamity.


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