Best Sketch- Comedy Group (2010)


To understand how truly filthy and wrong sketch group Murderfist is, all you need to do is look up the YouTube video "Kissing Booth." The sketch goes basically as follows: Two women are in a kissing booth when a man with a butt for a face comes along and promises that if one of the ladies kisses him he will turn into a handsome man. Alas, when one of them finally does kiss his buttface, he spews liquid shit all over her and runs away. It is totally, utterly disgusting. But don't think Murderfist is all poop jokes. Each dark, cringe-inducing piece is written with intelligence and performed with impeccable comic timing, like a brilliant cross between Monty Python and the absurdity of Tim and Eric. Named best sketch group at this year's ECNY Awards, which honor the best in local comedy, Murderfist does a monthly residency at the Peoples Improv Theater called Late and Dirty With Murderfist, in which the troupe aims to shock audiences with how far they will go for a laugh. From sketches about incest to killing one's parents, no boundary goes uncrossed. They've even been known to occasionally get their audience messy with their gross-out props. As Jackie Zebrowski told the Voice earlier this year: If you don't want to get dirty, "don't fuckin' sit in the front row, man."


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